Synchronous firework Co., Ltd was founded in 1994,lying in the hometown of fireworks, a beautiful and a prosperous city Liuyang.

At present, our company has developed a lot. It has large-scale fireworks product ability and its area is up to 380,000 square meters, which contains 208 workshops. We have 18 excellent and high quality technicians with skilled technical.

Our company has got the certificate of
self-run export right. We are both manufacturer and exporter. The annual output is 110,000 cartons, production value exceeds $ 3,000,000. We can afford you all kinds of fireworks, which are: Display Shells, Cakes, Flame Fountains, Roman Candles, Rockets Toys and etc.

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The vast world pluses the outdoors
firework of a riot of color, making
the sky more beautiful, making
the person feel inimitable happiness
and excitement. These are the
magic powder of outdoor fireworks.
Each firework effects can give the
person a kind of new felling, a kind
of new intense emotion, the
wonderful life will be realized in
each fireworks effects.
Various happy indoor evening parties
plus the safety incitement, the indoor
fireworks can be contrasted the
parties' phenomenon, adjusted
people's emotion, increased the
atmosphere of the whole activity.

Fireworks with a riot of color release the new product, the new thoughts plus the consummate manufacture technique, making the whole fireworks world more brilliant, gorgeous.

The humans evolution process is endless.Liuyang has 1400 years long
fireworks history, trained fireworks and brilliancy. The modern people scoop out and innovate constantly to make a more better and excellent fireworks with the consummate technique, let the beautiful fireworks decorate the whole world.

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